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Swart Business Enterprises


Business Excellence 
Through Crafted Software Solutions

We build software solutions that are tailored to your exact requirements, so that your businesses can deliver and grow.

Design - Develop - Integrate

Design and develop mobile application solutions that integrate with existing business processes

Advanced Integrated Solutions

Analyze, design and develop integrated enterprise business solutions backed up by long-term maintenance and support.

Full stack Solutions

From static web sites to full stack integrated web applications, we deliver a solution tailored to your requirements

Software Solution Consulting Services

Providing business requirement analysis, design, architecture, implementation and advisory consulting services for small, medium and large enterprises.

What We Do 
Our Capabilities

Highly skilled professional services with a creative touch.

Business Analysis
The ``What``

We perform in depth analysis of your business processes in order to determine what the business needs are.

Design & Architecture
The ``How?``

From the business analysis information gathered a solution can be proposed. A detailed systems design and architecture is done for the solution. The system design and architecture explains how the solution will be implemented.

System Development
Bring the What and How to life

From the system design blueprint a solution is implemented using cutting edge technologies and best practices to deliver the best possible solution to fulfill the business needs.

System Integration
Connect the dots

A perfect new solution means nothing for your business if it cant integrate with existing business systems and processes. We implement the full system integration so that your business can perform like a well oiled machine.

Mobile & Web Development
Create the face

Develop full stack web and mobile applications as well as basic information web site. This part of our services can be performed on its own or as part of a full system design and implementation.
Web applications can also be integrated with existing business systems.

Graphic Design
Beautiful Crafting

Our graphic design services are done by the team from Vivant. They are graphic design masters create art pieces for web, print and mobile.
They use the latest and greatest tools to create some of the best graphic designs in the industry.