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Maid Of Honor


Maid-of-Honor serves as a personal assistant to brides.

Think of Rent a Bridesmaid...
The main idea is to be an assistant to the bride. Maid-of-Honor wants to ease stress and
take over certain duties, a bride really don't always have time for.

Such duties will include:
- Wedding dress appointments
- Bridesmaid dress appointments
- Hair, make-up, nails etc. appointments
- Wedding registries and wedding gifts/favors

Maid-of-Honor also focus on two special events before the wedding. That is the Kitchen
Tea and Bachelorette party. Maid-of-Honor will plan, organise and execute the entire
event while the Bride and her friends have the best of times.

At Maid-of-Honor, each bride will get the benefit of an unique budgeting service provided
throughout the wedding. This will ensure the bridal couple don't end up paying more that
what they've bargained for.