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Divine Touch Piano Live Music


Divine Touch Piano Live Music

Live Piano Music in your Hotel Lounge, Pre-Dinner Dinner Drinks, Corporate Gala Event, Wedding or any Special Event..

Selected evenings at The Residence Boutique Hotel in Houghton.
At most of the Wedding Expos.
At your own Home... for your Special Event!


Welcome to a few minutes of quiet time with me…
To share my passion… 
My dream!

The last year has been super-excited for me.
The biggest blessing of it all was certainly that I could be a ‘Servant of Music’ to: 
• All the wonderful new Brides out there...
• An Inspiration to those who wanted to change their Special Event to something ‘Magical’... 
• Hosts of Corporates who simply wanted to escape from the rat-race and unwind, Cocktail in the hand - before the start of their formal Event
• And a friend to those who simply wanted to sit with me and be quiet when ‘Time couldn’t really be saved in a Bottle’ in this day and age!

It is an absolute passion of mine to make beautiful Piano Music.
To make magic to those who DO have time to listen.
To see those ‘aged faces’ light up in the Old Age Homes when we realize that THEY have laid such a wonderful foundation for us all – when do WE give back something in return?

‘Music to my ears’ is not only when we hear Music. 
When we FEEL whatever is falling into place, these words jump into place in our heads, because we know ‘It’s a bit of heaven!’

I hope to share my absolute passion for Life and my incrediblelove for Music with you; sometime in the very near future!