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Dennis Lloyd Designs


Dennis Lloyd owner and head designer of Crystal Lace Specializes in evening and bridal couture.

His work has been showcased on National Television, Kyk-Net, at Sun City Super-bowl, DC Covers, the State Theatre and various National Magazines.




Ministry can be provided to help Personalize Wedding Ceremonies.

Together with Pastor Phillip, my friend we have married more than 65 couples.  We had the privilege to join together well known personae such as former Miss SA Cindy Nell Roberts,  country singer Tony Campbell, singer Guiluame to name but a few. Whenever we marry someone we always journey with the couple so they will realize the deep spiritual meaning of making a covenant with the Lord.   Our services are based on Christian religion.   We offer weekend breakaways where couples work through sessions learning more about themselves.  Music and decor for services can also be provided and our Services are fresh and deeply spiritually rooted.